Bridal Attire

Yes you can't go to your wedding wearing "The Emperor's Clothes" because as you know he wasn't wearing any. From jewellery to Lingerie to Bridal Shops this section is for you.

Is ea, ní féidir leat dul chuig do bhainis ag caitheamh “Éadaí an Impire”. Sin toisc, mar is eol duit, nach raibh aon éadaí á chaitheamh aige. Ó sheodra go héadaí cnis go Siopaí Brídeoige is í seo an roinn duitse.

Check out a guide to the traditions and usual practices for the perfect Irish wedding.

  • Irish Wedding Guide
  • Ár dtreoir do na traidisiúin agus na gnáthchleachtais don bhainis fhoirfe Éireannach.

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